Types of business license and activities in Dubai

December 15, 2021by admin

Dubai is an excellent city for entertainment as well as for foreign investments. Within two or three decades, Dubai has developed surprisingly and become a business hub. The reason behind it is that the UAE government is introducing business friendly policies, such as certain tax exemptions and long-term visa facilities.

However, before setting up a business in Dubai, you have to understand different types of business licenses and activities. In this article, we will discuss some business licenses that can be secured here:

Commercial license:

The commercial license is issued to the companies that deal with buying and selling of goods. The commercial license allows the business to trade in Dubai, and even across the country. There are many types of commercial licenses, like building materials, computers, equipment, and automobiles.

The foreign investor has to select a particular business license during the registration process of the company.

Here is the list of a few commercial trade licenses available:

  • Furniture trading
  • Trading of spare parts
  • Trading of oil and gas
  • Trading of precious metals like gold and silver
  • Media material and publication trading
  • Trading of chemical
  • Trading of automobile


Professional license:

This type of license is issued to individuals who have intellectual abilities and provide their services to customers. If there is more than one business owner, the business will be registered as a Civil works Company. This license covers consultation like legal services, audit, and other services such as craftsmen, IT professionals, and artisans can apply for this license.

Here is the list of business activities that come under a professional license.

  • Services and consultancy
  • It Consultancy
  • Insurance consultation
  • Legal services
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Tax consultancy


Industrial license:

Foreign investors who are involved in manufacturing and industrial activities need to acquire an industrial license. For obtaining an industrial license; the company has to show a physical office in the UAE. Here is the list of business activities that fall in this license:

  • Garment manufacturing license
  • Meat products
  • Dairy products
  • Carpet manufacturing
  • Animal feeding manufacturers and many more.


Freelance permit:

In recent days, freelancing has become very popular in the UAE. There are many free-zone areas that offer freelancing permits to people.

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