5 Reasons Why Running a Business Is Better Than Having A Job

December 15, 2021by admin

Many people wonder if starting a business is better than having a job. The truth: it depends on the person and their situation. If you are looking to escape your corporate 9-5 lifestyle, then running your own company may be for you. Here are five reasons why we think that businesses can offer more than just a paycheck!

Having full control over your schedule

The very first benefit of running your own business is being able to have full control over your schedule. Not only are you free from the typical Monday-Friday work week, but you also get to choose when and where your employees will do their jobs. This can be a huge advantage if many of your clients or customers live in other time zones who may need assistance during off hours!

Your ideas/work won’t go unnoticed

Another benefit that sets companies apart from having a traditional job is the fact that all of the hard work put into an idea directly correlates towards how successful it becomes through revenue sharing – this means no more fake smiles at company meetings while putting in extra hours to complete a project that may never be seen by the public.

You’ll have more time with your friends and family

As all entrepreneurs know, there is no such thing as “clocking out” when you own a business – this means that even during times of vacation or personal leave, it’s important to stay in touch with current employees and keep up on work emails/calls after hours! However, one upside of running our own company over having a traditional job is the fact that we get to spend more time with friends and family because we’re not stuck behind a desk at an office building for eight+ hours per day (although some days can definitely feel like nine…or ten). We appreciate every chance we get to meet up with friends because we know just how much hard work goes into running a business!

You get to choose who you hire

You get to choose who you hire

Whether it’s your first employee or the one hundredth, everyone needs an opportunity to prove their worth when joining a new team – this means that only the best of the best will be considered for any given position at your company (as long as they fit in well with current employees/work styles). Of course finding good talent isn’t always easy, but once you find someone who fits in perfectly and has skills needed for certain projects? That is definitely something worth celebrating!


Last but not least on our list; taking responsibility can sometimes feel like a thankless job if you’re the only one in charge of completing it. However, this is just another perk that comes with owning your own business because if you don’t complete a task on time or make an honest mistake? It’s entirely up to YOU to fix the problem at hand – there are no excuses!

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