Become a Rich by Online ad posting job : Earn Minimum 500$/M Easily

Become a Rich by Online ad posting job : Earn Minimum 500$/M Easily

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Online Ad posting jobs are one of the easiest jobs to do, online. Every month around a market of 155 crore rupees is being set up, only on the ads and its related advertising thing. People who would like to earn some extra money in a large amount can apply for online ad posting jobs. Digital Media is one of the most amazing and biggest media for online ad posting.

How to Start?

If someone wants to start the online ad posting job, then he/she can get their names to register on those websites and they will be connected via mail. Once they are done with the registration process, they can take it forward.

Online ad posting job
Online ad posting job

What does it take to get them to register?

Registration for the online ad posting jobs requires the verification of a person and their bank account. For the verification, a government verified identity card will be required. It could be PAN, Voter ID, License, or anything. Many ad posting jobs are available online without investment and any registration.

A bank account passbook will be required for the verification of the banking and payment related things.

ad posting job
ad posting job

How many days for verification?

For most of the platforms, it almost takes 2-3 days to approve the verification ad start with the process. Till the time, you can also work for the trial period with the same platform.


An unlimited posting is allowed by a single user or employee. The freelancer can earn thousands of rupees in a day. It completely varies with the number of ads you are going to put or the amount of time, you are going to spend.

Rates per Ad

The payment for every ad posting will vary from rs 5 per ad to rs 10 per ad. Sometimes it is much more also. Most of the ad posting jobs are without investments.

Why ad posting jobs?

Most of the online ad posting jobs are available online. If a person opts for an online ad posting job that is investment free and no registration is there, then this is one of the most finite freelancing jobs.

Ad posting jobs are those jobs where one can work from home without any investments and it just needs a good amount of internet connectivity and a personal computer or a laptop. No time limit is set for these jobs. Once, whenever a person is free, he can work on these online jobs and can earn a good amount of money, you can also go for form filling online jobs for more revenue.

Online job
Online job

Tips while doing freelancing

Always make sure that the platform which you are choosing for the online ad posting jobs, should be reliable and verified. Make sure they did not ask for any registration fees and if they do so, don’t ever submit any kind of fees to these platforms. Online ad posting jobs are completely free and most of them do not require the registration, too.

Make sure that the platform you are choosing if offering the payment either on a daily or weekly basis. There could be a chance of fraud on a monthly basis. Also, going through the reviews of the ad posting jobs could be a better option than trusting them blindly, I prefer you read Online content writing jobs article I already explain all Legit Freelancing sites full details, please check it now.

If you use website for finding Online jobs, so this is not possible because its good for Offline only. I have lots of bad experience about, however this is not a right article to explain this topic, but if you want to delete your Naukri account so, you can check it also.

Hope you haven’t any doubt about “ ad posting job

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What is an ad posting job?

Ad posting (Form Filling Job) is an opportunity of earning extra money online by working part time and working from your home at your convenient time. … All you need to do is to post short text ADS or filling forms for the ad into various free classifieds sites, forums, etc. like copy-paste.

What is ad posted URL?

The webpage address that appears with your ad, typically shown in green text. Display URLs give people an idea of where they’ll arrive after they click an ad. The landing page that you define with a final URL tends to be more specific. Google constantly makes changes to Google Ads.

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