How to start a photography blog and earn $500/D easily

How to start a photography blog and earn $500/D easily

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No matter if one is an amateur photographer or a professional keeper, if one is good at photography, and is planning to start your own blog, then it is one of the greatest ideas to go ahead with. But before starting your own photography blog, one needs to make sure if they are going to use this photography blog to sell their photos or else to just showcase their great work.

How to start a photography blog
How to start a photography blog

Both of them have different requirements. If one is creating the blog to sell their photos, then the website should be designed at an international level with more functionalities, and if one is looking to just share their work, then it should be of some creative sort with fewer functionalities.

Points to make sure while starting a photography blog:

  1. The text should be less and pictures should be more. People will come to your website to have a check on your photos and not on the text. Make sure to keep the text minimal.
  2. Do not forget to add a contact page to your website. This way, if someone wants to connect with you for all the work, then he/she can do it easily.
  3. Posting every day or even every second day is a good way to show your audience that you are passionate about your work. With all this, one might be able to win the trust of their audience and you never know what can get viral.
  4. One can put the watermark of themselves on their photos if they think it might get stolen. This way, they can safeguard their work and show it to the world and attain an ample amount of admiration from them and some great photography contracts, too.
 start a photography blog
start a photography blog

Why photography blog is good?

Blogging of photography is a great way to get connected to your audience. One can easily showcase the emotions and feelings in a good photograph and get the things done for themselves and themselves. Through photographs and sometimes videography, one can get an ample amount of trust from the people and catch the glance of their eye.

What you need to start a photography blog

You don’t need much to start your own photography blogs. All you need is a domain that will register the choice of your website name. Once you select a unique and creative domain, you can easily publish your website.

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After publishing your website, one can post photos that they took and showcase their talent to the world. Of course, a good camera is a must as photographs need to be pixel perfect and crystal clear to see. Content should be attractive to the viewers. This way they could visit it regularly.

There are a lot of web platforms and creative firms which encourage photographers and gave them a chance to start their own photography blog opportunities. One can also connect with them and share their work with them and start their own blog. This way they might get some extra viewers too if they like their work and appreciate it.

You can also follow our how to start a blog for more info.

How to start a photography blog
photography blog

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How do I make a photography blog?

Blog creation is a very easy process, you can make a photography blog easily by reading our old article easily, check now….how to start a blog.

What do you write in a photography blog?

You have to write all about your photography experience, but You don’t have to post just your own work on your blog! Make a post about a favorite artist to share insight into what influences you

What you need to start a photography blog ?

All you need is a domain that will register the choice of your website name. Once you select a unique and creative domain, you can easily publish your website.

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