how to make money in India for students 10 best ways in 2020

Hello! Me Akash Nayak, I am a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer all in all I am an Online Job Seeker.

Today I am Going to tell how to make money in India for students 10 best ways in 2020.

If you’re willing to form money as a student. First of all, appreciate yourself, working while studying is basically one among the simplest things a student can consider .

When you search online to earn money, you discover ways in which may require huge investments, you’ll got to spend tons of your time thereon , or there could also be no good earning potential or some ways don’t even add India.

I know that you simply are a student and definitely couldn’t afford an enormous investment. and that i also know that you simply are busy together with your studies and will not invest longer for what you’re getting to start.

So I even have decided to form an inventory of the way , for college kids in India to earn a very good amount of cash which is both time and budget-friendly. Even most of the ways are possible with none investment.

And I also targeting long-lasting earning potential, there are some ways like selling books, hair, old gadgets like phones, etc, which are good but you can’t earn tons and therefore the earnings can’t be continued, they were a bit like just one occasion earnings. So I made sure that ways I include should be long-lasting and you’ll earn from them monthly .

how to make money in India for students 10 best ways in 2020

10 best ways in 2020 ,make money in India for students

1. Start Blogging and make money in India for students :

When you inquire from me ” How I can make extra money with less investment? ” Then I will be able to say blogging and vlogging with none reconsideration .


Because of 3 reasons.

The investment is just too low, anyone can start with a touch little bit of effort.
The scope of income is soo high. you’ll make quite employment .
You can select the subject which you’re curious about & work thereon .
Blogging is like helping people together with your information. But you would like to urge an internet site to start out blogging. lately you don’t need any knowledge of coding.

There are platforms like WordPress, where you’ll create an internet site soo easily.

You can select a subject which you’re keen on to write down about like tech, cinema, sports otherwise you can show your skills and teach like drawing, languages, etc. As said before, blogging is about helping people together with your information. If you are doing so, the cash will automatically roll into your pockets.

As you give people what they need , You get more visitors and maybe more earning. this is often not a moment process, it takes time to start out earning from blogging. Consider a minimum of 6 months to start out earning from this.

Moreover, blogging features a little bit of a learning curve. you actually got to take this seriously, as serious as a business.

There are multiple ways to form money with blogging. Here i’m listing a number of the simplest ways.


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Paid Content
  • Services, etc

On Short, Blogging is simply what i’m doing here and it’s my only income source.( Start your own website Now )

2. Start YouTube and make money in India for students :

Vlogging is additionally almost like blogging, where you provide content within the sort of videos. it’s just a Video log. you’ll start Vlogging on YouTube. Technically starting a YouTube channel is soo easy than creating an own website. Just head over to and make a channel.

Recently, YouTube is fully rage in India. & it’s really an ideal time to make a YouTube channel.

Similarly to blogging, you’ll select a distinct segment ( Topic ) which you’re keen on to form videos about. Provide content which is beneficial for people and also which they wish to watch. Even there’s a touch of a learning curve on YouTube. Once you’re into it, you’ll easily catch up and make money from it. All you would like may be a breakthrough .

People say that they don’t have any equipment to start out a YouTube channel. But that’s not true, if you’ve got a smartphone in your hands, you’ll start making videos. Definitely, the standard are going to be the most important problem, but you’ll improve that step by step. It’s better to start out something instead of saying reasons.

There are tons of the way to form money with YouTube & most famous among them are almost like blogging.


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Paid Content
  • Services

You can start vlogging on YouTube for free of charge , otherwise you can consider Rs 5,000 for something wish to buying props, microphone for better quality audio.

In both, Blogging and Vlogging, you would like to treat your website or Channel as a brand. Create Social Media Channels of it and promote. Always help your followers and make your brand an honest exposure.

Blogging and Vlogging are great ways to form money for a student as these fields had tons of scope to form huge money and also something which students can easily begin . The downside is, these ways are like online business and it’s really one among the toughest ways to start out and earn. Anyhow, the earning potential of those is worth your diligence .

The best a part of these ways is, once you started earning, the earning are going to be passive means you’ll earn money continuously even you’ve got stopped working as your blog posts and Youtube videos are going to be online and other people are going to be watching them.

3. Apps to Earn Money and make money in India for students :

Earning through apps is another easiest method to earn money. it’s obviously not an excellent thanks to earn. But this one which most of the people find helpful. You get purchased things like downloading, referring or maybe Gaming.

PTC Sites, Survey Sites & these apps are the once which don’t make much money but are often helpful to earn a couple of extra pin money monthly . If you don’t want to figure a day and every one you would like may be a few extra cash, these 2 are your thanks to go. I cannot suggest you the other ways which are as easy as these & legit.

5. T-Shirt Designing and make money in India for students :

T-shirt designing is that the fun earning way & it’s the one which I even have done on my college days. you would possibly have already seen T-shirts with some funny quotes and delightful designs. There must be definitely one man who designs them. And you’ll be that one guy.

There are many websites where you’ll upload your T-shirt designs. and therefore the entire process of printing, delivery and customer care is taken by them. But when there are any sales for your design, you get your commission for that.

For some sites, they’re going to just say you the bottom price and you’ll add what proportion profit you would like and upload. But also price reasonably, as people got to buy your stuff.

Souled Store and My Dream Store are some famous sites in India where you’ll upload the designs of the T-shirts.

6. Work as a Delivery / Driver Partner and make money in India for students :

Ola, Uber, Rapido, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Food Panda, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, E-Kart, DTDC, etc.

You must have heard the names of those companies before. Nowadays, the delivery jobs from these companies are quite popular. Many students are working as delivery boys already and even Swiggy ran a billboard campaign saying work while studying.

Yes, working as a delivery/driver may be a high earning thanks to make money.

On average, you’ll earn around Rs 12,000 for bike deliveries and quite Rs 40,000 for cab driving just working part-time ( 5 hours ) per month. And making such an amount monthly is great for college kids .

By saving them monthly , you’ll start a business by the top of your college with none loan or help from parents.


  • Bike or Car
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card & checking account
  • AADHAR Card for Proof
  • You can register on their website, choose an interview where you’ll easily pass if you’re ok to read this blog post. Get an ID and begin working.

The part-time options are available at different timings. So, it won’t be a drag together with your studies & College.

7. Become a Tutor for others and make money in India for students :

This is something more associated with students and also really helpful for studies too.

Tutoring is like making money from the talents and knowledge we all know . If you’re good at subjects, you’ll teach them to mates around you. If you don’t want to charge for people around you, you’ll start teaching online and make money.

Not only the themes , but you’ll also teach regardless of the skill you’ve got . you’ll teach skills like dancing or singing, languages you’ll speak, digital marketing & web designing skills, Video editing, music composition & even personal development if you’re keen on to try to to so. there’s without stopping for this list.

There are many websites where you’ll start your tutoring career. Some websites are like live training websites where you would like to elucidate to your students on a video call, & some websites are helpful for you to make learning resources, where people come read your stuff or watch your course by paying money.

Here are a number of the simplest websites to start out your tutoring careers

  • Vedantu
  • Udemy & Skill Share
  • Italki

8.Become an Article Writer or E-book Writer and make money in India for students :

If you’re soo much curious about writing something, then you ought to definitely consider trying this. you’ll definitely start your own blog or channel. But you’ve got other alternatives where you’ll get paid instantly.

Article Writing
People who run blogs can’t write each and each content on their own. in order that they hire people to write down content for them. There are platforms where they will hire people. you’ll create an account in these content writing platforms and obtain purchased creating content. As you get paid instantly, they need a touch of a plus over blogging.

Here are 3 Famous content writing platforms where you’ll start making money.

  • iWriter
  • Text Broker
  • HireWriters
  • You can also try freelancing sites like freelancer, up work, etc. But the sites i discussed above focus only on content writers.

E-book writing
Amazon offers you to sell E-books for your own price. So as a content writer, you’ll write an E-book and sell on Amazon. As people got to buy your content aside from just reading from the blog post, you would like to supply that extra value to your content.

Moreover, you would like to elucidate more in-depth and more clearly with good examples.

The process of writing an E-book may be a bit time-taking process as you would like to offer that extra effort and a more in-depth explanation. Read as many blogs and E-books as you’ll , practice each and everything you’re getting to write on and obtain your own view thereon .

Write the content, add images thereto , add some examples where ever necessary & design a canopy for your E-book.

Later to publish, go to and check in . After completing the creation of your profile, add your E-book and canopy thereto . Set your own price for your E-book.

Then promote your E-book on Social Media, Online Forums, Your Website or YouTube channel and Paid Ads. you’ll make money depending upon the sales you made on your E-book.

Also, you’ll make money from affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links in E-books.

9. Start a Retail Business without any investment and make money in India for students :

Yes, absolutely you’ll start a retail business with none investment and you’ll start selling right from your home .

Apps like Meesho and Glow Road will assist you to try to to so. you would like to make an account in these apps, where you’ll find many products to sell, mostly stuff like clothing & tech accessories. you only got to recommend those products to people and whenever anyone buys, you get your part.

The best part is, you’ll decide your price. So when anyone buys from your link, you’ll get profit counting on the worth you’ve got set.

You don’t need an internet site or any Youtube channels. Just create Social Media accounts: Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Instagram & importantly Whatsapp.

Share the links & images of your products and treat your social media accounts as online boutiques. Just create your brand, whenever people buy from your link, those apps will deliver the products together with your name on the pack and other people can’t even know that you simply are becoming products from these apps.

So, it’s a bit like you created a web store and other people are buying from you.

It also takes a touch of your time to earn from this manner , as your social media accounts got to grow and other people got to trust you. Start promoting from your family and friends.

For in-depth information on creating a retail business, you’ll inspect this post:- the way to start a retail business with none investment.

10. Complete Micro Tasks on Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk and make money in India for students :

Freelancing may be a quite hard task as you would like to be soo much good and skilled at things like coding, designing, poetry, etc. But what if you get purchased small micro-tasks like dancing, singing, delivering, data entry, power pointing.

Fiverr and Amazon Mechanical Turk will assist you make money from micro-tasks like that.

Just create an account on those sites and complete those small tasks & get paid instantly.

I hope that you have no doubt on how to make money in India for students. if you have questions of any kind about this topic, you can comment below, and more appropriate updates to have me on my social media handles can follow, and to our daily articles, you can subscribe to us now, thank you for your attention.

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