How to earn 400$ per month from captcha work: best online captcha entry jobs sites

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Today I will going to tell “How to earn 400$ per month from captcha work: best online captcha entry jobs sites

How to earn money from captcha work: best online captcha entry job sites

Captcha Solving jobs are one of the easiest jobs available in India, where one can earn online without any investment. If you are planning to work full time as a captcha solver, then you can easily earn 400$ per month, depending upon your speed and availability.

In order to start your captcha typing job, you need not more than a laptop or a computer, and a good speed internet connection. Captcha works are completely based on accuracy and speed.

Captcha Work
Captcha Work

How to start:

In order to start earning from a captcha typing job, you need to first create your account on the sites which offer online captcha entry jobs, and once you are done with the registration, you can fill your bank details and get them verified. Once it is done, you can start applying for the captcha entry jobs in India and earn money online.

captcha jobs daily payment
captcha jobs daily payment


Usually, the sites which offer captcha typing jobs without investment offer a normal range from 0.5$ to 1$ per captcha and all the captcha jobs offer daily payment, usually. You have to submit your bank details or the wallet details initially, then they will verify the bank account within approx. 3-5 working days and once it is done, they will start the payment on a daily basis.

This is one of the most favorable features of entering into captcha clubs and joining captcha entry sites.

Earn Money Online Without Investment by Typing ( You Can Read )

captcha solving jobs in india
captcha solving jobs in india

Where to start:

Online Captcha solving jobs will be applied from the top captcha entry jobs offering websites. Most crucial ones amongst the all include:


It is the site that pays the highest amount for every 1000 captcha solved. You need to join the website as a keyer in order to get started. They offer the payment through checks, direct bank transfer, and PayPal.


For every single captcha, they offer around 1$ plus sometimes some bonus as well. They also pay you if you avail of the referral system. They usually pay through Payza once you reach $1.


captcha entry jobs without investment
captcha entry jobs without investment

This is one of the most active websites when it comes to offering online captcha typing jobs as they offer almost 1.5$ per 1000 captchas. The night-time rate of captcha solving is higher than the day time rate.


This is another great site where the people can earn as high as $300 monthly by solving captchas. This website is a good big community of all the captcha solvers from all across the world.


Another trustable great site that offers weekly payment. The mandatory rule for the payment via this site includes you need to solve at least 800 captchas per week per ID in order to receive your payment weekly.

Online captcha typing jobs are the easiest way to earn money online. As much captchas, you solved, as much you will get paid for it. Most of the websites offer payment those PayPal, so you might need to create your account on PayPal if you don’t have one. Captcha work is a fine typing job for the homemakers and students as well, who are looking to earn 300$ to 500% per month.


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