Types of Equipment You Need For Your Medical Center

April 14, 2022by admin

There are many types of medical equipment in Dubai that you may need in your medical center. This article will discuss EKG machines, X-ray machines, surgical tables, Defibrillators, etc. Once you’ve chosen these items for your center, you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients. Regardless of the type of medical center that you run, you’ll want to have the following types of equipment:

X-ray machines:

X-rays are the most common imaging procedure and are used in nearly all healthcare settings. Using a machine that sends x-ray particles through the body, these images can reveal internal structures like bones, teeth, and organs. When used appropriately, x-ray images can provide invaluable information to medical providers, allowing them to treat patients more effectively. A contrast medium is often used to help the imaging process, such as giving a contrast agent through the IV, orally, or rectally.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) machines:

An Electrocardiogram (EKG) machine is a device that records an ECG and then analyzes and displays it on a screen. It can also print, store, and transmit ECG data. An EKG machine is designed for large hospitals, and it streamlines every aspect of cardiac testing. The machine has a high-resolution touch screen and includes an ECG snapshot and interpretation. It also has a communication option to share the ECG data between the hospital and the physician’s office.

Surgical tables:

Before purchasing a surgical table, ask yourself some critical questions. What will you use it for? What type of procedures will you be performing on it? What are the features essential for your OR? You may also want to consider your budget and demographics. Your supplier should have the expertise to advice you based on industry standards and technological advancements. They should also offer a wide variety of options and exceptional customer service. The right surgical table can increase patient satisfaction and surgical productivity.


Defibrillators are a necessary piece of equipment for your medical center. These portable, battery-powered devices can help restart a heart when overstressed or stopped. The devices use electrodes to send signals to the machine and administer an electric shock if necessary. Defibrillators are important equipment for medical centers because they are portable and can reach even the most remote places.

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