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Why google test website speed why

First you or know love that is necessary is a Google Search Engine to find the website of Speed What Lye Czech Hey, it would directly answer you here, you do it yourself tell you Agra search for a twenty five Google is, and a website open Hey, hand that he is a little late in opening the website is so, you have come to the website less go there and walked on the website, so that Bja the website Speed is emphasized so on.

Microsoft , according to Bing search report team page The decrease of 3.8% in user satisfaction by 2 seconds of delay Responsibility has increased by 4.3% in lost per user revenues, and click less than 4.3. %.

If your site takes too long to load, so many people have gone before that you have a chance.

Not only that, but Google now includes speed ranking algorithms site. This means that the impact on speed SEO of your site, so if your site is slow, so now you’re lost impatience visitors and lower rankings in search engines.

Diet adds to see the you load busily love that your website is so please follow our 5 top tips, I am now going to tell you people no solution no mythology clichéd father got started is 2020, remembered the same thing, you all the new year of love that love that Subkamnaie, wish you all very Very happy new year, 2020 Safety Aplogonco love that Trrki.
So we had our main topic on:


1.Configure a CDN (Configure CDN):

No matter a user’s location, your content should be delivered in blazing fast. Sometimes it is not always possible, though … that is, if your site is not an infrastructure in which data centers in other parts of the planet. The distance means may be in content delivery, which comes in a content delivery network (CDN) work. So CDN is result is configured as when the load time faster page, your website will use an optimized server that is closest to your site visitor. Information Center will store static content and files, then select them

Website Speed ​​Optimization

Bring to users who have supported their position. This will help to reduce external HTTP requests for static content is already able to go instead of lots of HTTP requests directly. CDN choose depends on recognition and desires of your site. Some WordPress MaxCDN in CDN solutions, Cloudflare involved, or CacheFly the Website Speed Optimization K

2. Choose a good host (Choose a good hosting):

Hosting providers play an important role in determining your WordPress website. Choose a hosting provider that supports SSD for SSD can really load faster websites than regular spinning HDD. To improve Pejaspeed on WordPress than it is one of your top priorities, SSD is loaded with nearly 2x faster than a traditional HDD.

In addition to hosting provider that you want to know it offers a good reputation. You have to face data loss if your hosting provider does not backup at regular intervals.

Website Speed ​​Test Google

If you are on good hosting are not angle bit is able to society, then you will Slha of hosting people two type, your budget if the medium is so you BlueHost can use is, if you budget a little tight Oh you onohosting Slha will it cloud hosting love that cheap is. (5 MASTER WAYS TO IMPROVE PAGE SPEED ON WORDPRESS WEBSITES)

3.Start with a Good Theme (Start with a good Theme):

You might be surprised, but Twenty Nintin theme is lighter and much faster. That’s because they are simple “courage”; Compare that bloated structure that contains a lot of features you’ll never use, turn down to crawl your site. From my experience, the fastest loading premium Framework is definitely the main target theme framework, especially the new focus skin. This exceeds the required WordPress themes being very easy to customize. This is an incredibly solid structure which does not slow down with additional plugins or custom editing. Right change the subject and avoid bloat, Hurah!

And if you have a tree theme among her it could not be Bria else.

4. Removing unused media (delete unused media):

Remove Unused Media on WordPress

To eliminate unused media Media Cleaner   can use the plugin as otherwise you can do it manually. When the unused media manually remove, simply visit the Media »Library and click on Anatachd option. Remove unused media on WordPress you will see all the media files that are not in use on your site. You will be removed to free up space for those files.

5. Disable hot-linking and leeching of your content:

Hotlinking be a kind of bandwidth is “stolen”. This is when other sites are also direct links to images on your site from your articles to your server load is booming. It could add as adding “more and more people to your post or images from your site (and especially)”, because if you create a custom image for your site on a daily basis, so it should be more popular .

Keep the code in your root .htaccess file:

Hotlinking Disable Of Images With Forbidden Or Custom Image Option
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond% {Actiteepi_REFERER}! ^ $
Hriawritecond% {Actiteepi_REFERER}! ^ http (s)?: // (Wwv \.)? Sprridagmindkcom [Nc] Hriawritecond% { Actiteepi_REFERER}! ^ http (s)?: // (Wwv \.)? google [Nc] Hriawritecond% {Actiteepi_REFERER}! ^ http (s)?: // (Wwv \.)? Faeds2kfaedburnerkcom / Sprridagmind [Nc] Hriawritehriule \. (jpg | jpeg | png | gif) $ – [ Nc, F, G]

You will notice that I’ve included your feed (Freeburner), you’ll need to change your feed’s name, or your images will not be displayed correctly there.

Or if you can not do all those things or if it is not useful for your website, you WP-Rocket Plugin can use, I know that it really is so expensive, but if you license with want to buy it, so you can see it, you people to know that does not is the wp-Rocket O and how work is behind tell you:

What the WP Rocket?

WordPress WP rockets to increase the loading speed of websites can be a caching and performance optimization plugin. You can install in 3 minutes WP rocket and configure.

website speedup

WP integrates all the latest features in case of rocket performance: lazy-loading of images, periodic loading of JavaScript, Minimaijheshn the HTML code, CSS and abbreviations and minification of JavaScript files. Are highly finished, WP Rocket is very simple to initially configure. Unlike other plugins, you should not be rocket scientist to our configured. We have also preload and Sitemap preload feature, so that when human visitor comes to your site, you will find them faster, cached version of the page immediately. (5 MASTER WAYS TO IMPROVE PAGE SPEED ON WORDPRESS WEBSITES)

But if you by our Professional Developer Group (added in our services) with the plugin you want to speed up your website, you can contact us, we will surely help you. Contact Us- For Purchase Our Service In Low Budget K

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