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10 love that which is most important twenty five you must click to live your website

1.you’re visible are visible to search engines to do immediately after launching your website (search engine):

No. 1 thing you want to try, it is to allow Google to index your WordPress site. Even though in most cases WordPress when it is installed automatically be set up correctly, it will check whether things could not deliver such a never hurt. Just run your wp-admin, then settings / readings. Refer to “Search Engine Visibility” and confirmed that “” checkbox to discourage search engines from indexing this site is uncontrolled: (L0 THINGS TO DO IMMEDIATELY AFTER LAUNCHING YOUR WEBSITE)

You're visible to search engines to do immediately after launching your website

2. Get yourself a CDN (a CDN yourself):

Another recommended step to your site is to hook up a CDN service (content delivery network). A CDN can be a solution that takes content from your site and it is stored on the server network worldwide. Then, when a visitor adds your site, they receive service from that position which is closest. Therefore, they will very quickly find your site because they can be otherwise.

The most popular CDN include some of: MaxCDN ,  CloudFlare ,  Amazon CloudFront

3. Get pinning (Make pinning):

The content of your site Pinterest Share may be a good way to promote systematically themselves. Bonus: WordPress pin makes pictures on your site through the plugin easier to “pin it” button, and when the website Pin images on your site, then the image will be directly linked automatically to your website. Very easy. Once you roll to pin your content, and start creating content that is easy to pin to your users, you have the right thing to try after you launch your site after are able to: social media engagement.

Image result for pinterest

4. After Launch After launching your website immediately add on Google Analytics (your website Add instant Google Analytics):

Google Analytics can be a tracking and marketing tool that should be used to the owner of each website. It keeps track of your visitors and their actions on your site. It comes with detailed information about everything related to the content and visitors to your site, such as pages visited, conversion rate, the amount of visits per day, in-depth user profile, bounce rate and other statistics.

5. Set up Google Webmaster Tools:

Search Google Console   (GSC) must have item on your list. This will help you to optimize your site SEO-wise you that will point to several problems with the structure of your site, you must be addressed simply to please both your visitors and Google. In particular, the GAC, you like to know about things like: your internal link structure of your health, to your site external link, any sitemap issues, your popular keywords, indexing status, none of your site crawl stats and errors, security issues, and much more. A real gold mine.

Google Webmaster Tools

6. Change your website’s basic information (change the basic information of your website):

The title of your site, customize the tagline, time zone and favicon. It is important, Google will appreciate it for identification. To do this, go to Settings / General on your WordPress dashboard. Also, change your Permalink structure. Such use of anything which would be friendly and describe the content of each individual page.


To change the Permalink structure, then take part in Settings, then click Permalink. You’ll see some possibilities there. The simplest alternative URL to use their names posted within:


7. Create Create a sitemap.xml file (sitemap file):

Sitemap.xml may be a file that lists the URL of your website. Google uses this file to find out how your site is organized and what type of information. As a result, it will be easier to do something indexes all of Google. Sitemap to make you   Google XML Sitemap will try to install a plugin called. Just good for a few clicks and you.

I have great hope that this guide has helped you start your first blog. If you have any questions, you Comment can ask through or can contact us page, and I will help you make starting your blog and make it successful. (10 THINGS TO DO IMMEDIATELY AFTER LAUNCHING YOUR WEBSITE)

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